A Christian Community Where All Are Welcome

To Worship, Love, Belong, Grow, And Serve


We respond to God’s presence in our lives in a variety of ways.  Our ministries are the ‘next step’ for us after our worship.  They are where we go deeper in learning, serve our children and our teenagers, or reach out to the world.



Church Life.

For 135 years, this Christian community has helped support each other in times of both joy and sorrow.  Whether gathering for a baptism, a marriage, a funeral, or a regular Sunday morning, our life together is rooted in prayer and in the hope we have because of Jesus Christ.


Nativity Day School.

Nativity Day School is a natural extension of our commitment to the care and nurture of children.  The school’s mission is promote each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in a nurturing, safe environment, seeking at all times to embody for them love of God in Jesus Christ.


400 Howard Street Greenwood, MS 38930